InTelegy is now helping our county partners Transition to the New Normal.  

About inTelegy


InTelegy collaborates with Government Agencies to modernize and streamline the client service delivery model resulting in an improved client experience and increased staff efficiency.

Service Offerings


Analyze, redesign and improve operations and client service delivery with InTelegy business process re-engineering and technology solutions. InTelegy's mission is to
forge a hands-on partnership to achieve defined, quantifiable results.


Technology Solutions


Invest in technology solutions designed to effectively collect, distribute and track workload. Benefit from InTelegy's experience with Workload Management Tools (WMT) that automate a standardized business process and provides a rich source of data for analysis and continuous improvement.



Share knowledge and experiences with Government Agencies. InTelegy is committed to maintaining our partnerships by promoting continued learning and sharing new tools through quarterly newsletters and webinars.