InTelegy collaborates with Government Agencies to modernize and streamline their client service delivery models. We help our County partners improve client experiences and increase staff efficiencies. Since 2003, InTelegy has brought this expertise to twenty-two California County Health and Human Services, Child Support and Child Welfare agencies - working to build new channels of access, modernize service delivery through workload and data driven management practices and improved operations.


Founded in 1996, InTelegy Corporation is a consulting organization with specific expertise in Business Process Redesign, Call Center Operations and Technology in customer service center systems. Utilizing proven methodology, the InTelegy team will develop effective strategies, support your organization in redesign service delivery, and ensure success through our operations management support and training programs. 


InTelegy is dedicated to improving the dignity of the client experience.  Through our partnerships with Government Agencies, we are helping to change the culture of service for the people of California. We believe that improved and modernized service delivery systems help Government Agencies better fulfill their mission to serve their clients and communities as well as spend our tax dollars efficiently and effectively.

About inTelegy