Service Offerings | Assessment and Strategy

InTelegy’s analysis and recommendations are delivered in a detailed report with back-up documentation.  The Assessment, Strategy and Plan document includes:


  • The desired Client Experience

  • Findings by department; strengths and challenges

  • Business Model decisions and recommendations

  • Proposed customer service processes and Best Practices

  • Proposed technology additions and improvements

  • Budget and cost estimate

  • Productivity and staffing estimates against benchmarks

  • Proposed implementation timeline 

  • A comprehensive project plan

  • Design and implementation committee charters, roles and members

Working closely with your operations teams, InTelegy takes a holistic approach to redesigning the service delivery model. This ensures operations are set up for success in delivering the desired client experience.  The first effort in any engagement is the development of a Strategy and Plan. This serves as the blueprint for our collaborations with your team. During this phase experienced InTelegy consultants work closely with your team to design the desired Client Experience and incorporate the best practices for Government service delivery. During the Assessment, Strategy and Plan phase we analyze the following areas: