A Business Process Redesign is the single most important step your organization will take towards improving the dignity of your clients' experience and boosting efficiency and responsiveness in your customer service. Remodeling lobbies, adding a call center and implementing new customer service technologies are all components of a successfully redesigned client experience.  But without a thoughtful, detailed and innovative approach to the redesign process, these changes in client experience can fall short of the desired results.  Standardizing the operations team workflow across all channels to break down internal silos, deliver service to the client how and when they need it and building repeatable, predictable operations is the desired outcome of an InTelegy Business Process Re-design project.


In the Business Process Redesign effort the InTelegy consulting team will work with your organization to re-think:


  • Standardized customer contact across all access channels. Online applications, IVR, call center and enhanced lobbies have greatly improved access to your county yet may have increased client confusion and staff effectiveness. Significant process review and change is required to adequately support increased client contact methods.


  • Call handling to minimize repeat client contact, reduce staff handoffs, increase phone effectiveness and standardize procedures.


  • Application processing procedures including multiple channels for application receipt. Online, mail, walk-in, and call-in application processing without client face-to-face contact.


  • Workload distribution  Balance priority based work and tasks to ensure priority work is completed first and that the workload is evenly distributed amongst all staff based upon current client demand.


  • Phone interview process for proactive outreach to clients. In person interview scheduling to minimize missed and rescheduled appointments. Automated notification and reminder procedures.


  • Key metrics management - develop key metrics and create access to real time and historical data by individual, unit and function. 


  • Operations management tools and processes including flexible staff scheduling based on client need, as well as staff coaching and transfer of knowledge in a service center environment.


  • Roles and responsibilities for management and staff. Daily operations procedures to include  'Day in the Life’ workflow strategies for the manager, supervisor and eligibility worker. 


  • Supervisor management processes that focus on quality of service, speed of service and the healthy balance of staff success and happiness with the needs of an increasing client base.


  • Department organization and/or management structure to focus management on the client experience and functional areas of the call center, back office task management, clerical and lobby operations across all programs. 


  • Quality review procedures for call handling, task processing and in person client contact.

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