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Step 4: Access and use of individual productivity in increments of time

Step 1: Access to volumes and trends


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Step 2: Measuring service levels daily for all channels

Step 3: Managing actual volumes vs projections: adjusting staff to meet client need

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The culture of Government Services is radically shifting to deliver services to California’s families more rapidly, efficiently, and with the dignity of the client experience in mind. Data Driven Management practices are an integral part of this shift. No organization can effectively manage something that it does not measure. Government Services Agencies are increasingly moving towards flexible work flows in which staff are organized into functions which are able to respond more quickly to all client needs. Changes to management and staff structures will require corresponding changes to the data that you manage and the manner in which you use the data.


Experts at InTelegy can help improve the client experience by utilizing real time data to improve phone service level, lobby wait time, and time on task results. The first step in Data Driven Management is to identify key metrics to capture. These metrics can be grouped into four broad categories: Operational, Client Experience, Financial and Compliance. Within these catefories are variables that change based on human factors. Managing these variables allows you to understand and learn how to obtain desired outcomes. These variables, in their simplest form, are: volume of work, staff resources and productivity. The combination of these variables is your service level.*


The second step is to understand the data. By asking “What do we know with this data?” an organization will move towards making quality, strategic decisions based on real facts. Making strategic and real time decisions based on known facts vs. instinct and past practices requires access to the data, a clear understanding of what the data means, and knowledge on how to use the data to improve services and to improve the client experience. The following is the Data Driven Management progression InTelegy can assist your organization through:

Where is your management team?

Data Adoption Progression

By utilizing resources, organizing workflow, and adjusting to client demand based on real time data, Government Agencies will serve their clients with speed, efficiency, and dignity.


*See the white paper on Call Center Standards in Health and Human Services

Step 5: Measuring outcomes and managing the data variables to ensure success