Over the last few years, InTelegy has gathered data from county service centers to help us understand the ever-changing operations of county health and human services agencies. We specifically wanted to understand the level of customer service in county health and human services agencies. The historical data we’ve compiled illuminates surprising and exciting information about agency operations. The data also confirms what I already strongly believed: government agencies can deliver a high level of customer service on par with any private business.

The first thing the data showed is that agency workers are handling more cases and more customer communications than ever before. The second important piece of information is county agencies that have transitioned from case ownership to a distributed work environment (task-based work management) have absorbed the additional workload and customer contacts without a corresponding increase in worker headcount.

Proof that Government Works Well

Currently, county health and human services agencies are processing more work AND customers are experiencing greater access to service

With improved management processes enabled by real-time and historical reporting and technology enhancements, agency workers can more effectively manage their time. With the proper resources in place, government is becoming more efficient and delivering excellent customer service to benefits recipients.

There is still much to be done, but counties have responded well to the challenges associated with the increase of customers. Counties have created efficient and effective service operations that enable their staff to serve clients without sacrificing customer service.

Congratulations to all of our county partners on this amazing achievement. We look forward to continuing the progress together!