Technology Solutions| IT Assessment

Although the implementation of new and improved technology solutions is forging the way towards improvements in client service, it is common for management to be concerned about the escalating costs and/or risks associated with supplying, supporting and maintaining an ever-increasing set of technology needs. Is my IT organization equipped to handle this increased reliance on technology in the growing organization?  Are the business processes that link the operations teams and the technology teams prepared to  facilitate effective implementation of new business applications?  Is the infrastructure in place today, both technology framework and team organization, the right structure for the future?  To answer these questions, InTelegy’s technology consultants will assess IT services, technology tools, and partnerships.


The InTelegy technology team will build a roadmap for an integrated IT strategy into the overall business strategy for improved client service which will include documenting the Current State and Future State, along with Gap Analysis and Recommendations.


The InTelegy IT Assessment is conducted in 3 phases:


Phase 1 - Information Capture – Discovery, data collection, and interviews with executives, department management, and other key individuals.


Phase 2 - Evaluation and Gap Analysis – Review and processing of all the information gathered in Phase 1 to form a clear picture of the Current State, its Future State requirements, and the gaps that are identified between the 2 views.


Phase 3 - Tactics and Roadmap – Based on the analysis completed in Phase 2, develop a set of recommendations for the tactical actions that will enable you to move forward toward the desired (future) state.