Technology Solutions| IT Project Management

InTelegy offers detailed Technology Project Management support through the InTelegy IT Project Governance process.  The objective of this process is to provide EHSD with a Project Delivery Framework that is collaborative. By combining our business process expertise and technology expertise InTelegy is in a unique position to effectively implement technology solutions with and for the operations and program management teams. The InTelegy approach supports effective repeatable planning, communications and delivery activities that enable project success.  The InTelegy Technology Project Manager will lead the county through the identification of project roles including Executive Sponsorship, Steering Committee oversight and tactical team subject matter experts required for a customized solution to your business needs. They will also support the organization through specific stages in the development of technology solutions from Concept, Business and Technical Requirements, Plan of Record and Build Plan, Testing and UAT and Implementation.


Business and Technical Requirements:  The InTelegy team will work with your operations team to identify the business requirements for specific technology solutions to support the client experience processes.  Working with your information technology team, these business requirements will be translated into a technical requirement document and a plan to procure or build the necessary solutions.

Procurement and Implementation of technology solutions: The InTelegy team is available to support the process of implementing selected technology tools. These  services include user acceptance testing plans and facilitation, business process documentation related to technology solutions, facilitation of staff training, and post launch support.