The new service delivery model includes the improvement of all channels of access including the experience a client receives when they walk into any Government Lobby. Government is modernizing and rethinking the in-person experience for clients, working to include options for self-service and same day service, and also considering new ways to make lobbies client-friendly. This effort, coined “Lobby Modernization”, incorporates new technology, process improvements, building and structural improvements, improvements in disability access, and lobby beautification.   Lobby Modernization projects include:


  • Safe, accessible and beautiful surroundings - rethink the level of service for families and individuals. Our goal is to create a space where employees are proud to work in the service environment, and clients are offered service in a dignified and professional environment.


  • Self-Service Lobby Check in technology - eliminate clients waiting in line to identify the services they need.


  • Assisted support by a Lobby Navigator who manages lobby flow, greets the client and assists them with self-help technology as needed.


  • New processes for faster service - eligibility workers are now providing eligibility support at lobby windows, clients are only seeing one worker, on the same day, from the start of the application through completion.  Window support is provided based on client needs, with quick needs being addressed immediately to minimize the time the client is in the office.


  • Redesigned process for application and eligibility processing minimizes the number of times a client is asked to come into an office, including same day interviews,  phone interviews and telephonic signature.


  • Self-service lobby phones that direct connect to county service center operations and lobby workstations where clients can scan documents or applications on their own.

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