The service delivery model for Government Services is changing with new technology and a new culture of responsive and efficient service. We have an opportunity to provide easier access to families, seniors, children, and people living with disabilities so that they can receive services they need, when they need them.


We have moved beyond the days of families in need of services sitting in lobbies and waiting for hours to receive benefits or case support. In today’s changing world we have new ways to reach services recipients – those same clients may now have access to a smart phone, computer, ATMs, online shopping, and other forms of self-service. 


Although having one case worker assigned to a client was previously considered a better form of service, it is not necessarily the most effective way to serve a large population in need of timely help. The Client Experience in both private and public sector is changing and InTelegy can assist your organization in leading the way to modernizing your service delivery model. InTelegy approaches each consulting engagement in a three-phase approach to ensure that the specific needs and goals of your organization are thoughtfully developed, consistently implemented, and that your organization is supported throughout this process.


Phase I – Assessment, Strategy and Plan


During the Assessment, Strategy and Plan Phase, experienced InTelegy consultants will work closely with your operations personnel to identify the desired client experience and determine the operational requirements to deliver that client experience. Service delivery redesign includes the incorporation of lobby modernization, call center implementation and/or enhancement, business process redesign, and numerous technology tools to include but not limited to Workload Management Tools (WMT).


Phase II – Design and Implementation


The key to success during the Design and Implementation Phase is the collaborative process that InTelegy develops with their county partners. InTelegy consultants draw from a set of over 300 templates and examples garnered from over ten years of experience working in Government Services, as well as up-to-date best practices from active service delivery implementations statewide. When you partner with InTelegy, your organization starts the process equipped with the best information available from those who have been there before.  InTelegy’s Project Management process builds project teams with representatives from line staff, county subject matter experts, and highly skilled InTelegy service center consultants. This partnership of internal and external expertise is organized into a committee structure that ensures success by following a collaborative master project plan.


Phase III - Operations Management Support


A project is only as successful as the daily operations of the ongoing management team and the continuous improvement process. What sets InTelegy apart from other consulting companies is our continued support in the critical months after initial implementation to ensure your long-term project success. InTelegy incorporates data-driven management into our partnerships to ensure that county clients are well-versed in the effective use of reporting, evaluating, and making decisions based on data in their new service delivery model.


From the beginning, prior to launching a new operation and in the early months of ongoing management InTelegy also offers training specific to Government Services. The InTelegy customer service training development series has been developed specifically for customer service strategies in service center operations. Our training curriculum is designed to maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of every employee in your service center while providing excellent customer service in the unique customer service environment. The right employee training, at the right time, yields payoffs for the employee, the service center and the clients that are served.

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