Leaving a Legacy

Talk about retiring on top! Steve Arcelona, Deputy Director at the Human Services Agency of San Francisco, retires after a 40-year career in public service with 16 of those years at San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA). When asked about what Steve feels is his biggest accomplishment, Steve is proud to point to initiating the cultural shift in the agency to becoming more efficient, flexible and technology driven. Steve is leaving the Department of Health and Human Services well-equipped for the future. He re-designed the service delivery for SF Department of Health, collapsed the program silos to deliver "No Wrong Door” service and cross trained the workforce to offer greater flexibility to meet client demand.

InTelegy Corporation worked on this project with Steve. Much of this project’s success is thanks to Steve’s ambition, determination and commitment to maintaining the dignity of his clients’ experiences. Our partnership with Steve resulted in a significant transformation of the service delivery for the benefits clients and a re-structuring of work that both streamlined and leveraged the staff as well as technology across the department. Congratulations on a job well done.

San Francisco County is successfully transforming its client service delivery model during a period of dramatic increase in social services caseloads, while meeting vital service objectives and investing in the dignity of the client experience.

We will miss Steve Arcelona greatly, but we also are confident that clients will benefit from his work for years to come. A case study that documents the high points of the San Francisco County HSA Service Delivery transformation can be found here. This case study is an excellent blue print on how to migrate your work force to be client driven and in the process initiate a cultural change in your organization that will continue to evolve over time.

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