It’s Teamwork: Data Improves More than Just Patient Outcomes

A recent blog on the U.S. Health and Human Services website discusses how improvements in electronic health record technology and 24-hour a day access to patient data enable healthcare providers to better care for the entire patient population, not just the people coming through the door.

This article is an excellent illustration of how data is serving as the catalyst for the direction of the healthcare industry. Through InTelegy’s work with our county partners, we are taking the notion of using data to improve patient care one step further. Healthcare providers should not only use data to improve patient care, but also to optimize the operations of the entire organization. Proper utilization of organizational data will deliver service to California families more rapidly, efficiently and with the dignity of the client experience in mind.

We are observing this change firsthand in Health and Human Services Agencies. Through data analysis, Health and Human Services Agencies (HHSA) are proactively impacting and improving the dignity of the client experience. As an example - improved phone service level, reduced lobby wait time and reduced paperwork processing times all resulting from their ability to analyze and manage data. This is a huge shift for the county HHSA organizations, which historically have had a reputation for inefficiency (though it is my belief that many public agencies have better customer service than many leading private sector companies – see Apple vs HHSA blog).

As noted on the federal government’s Health and Human Services blog, data is opening up massive possibilities to healthcare providers. Patient care is improving. And, the overall experience of the patient is improving because they no longer have to wait in long lines, complete mountains of paper work or make dozens of phone calls to receive the critical care they need. As HHSA agencies adopt data driven management techniques, people will not only benefit from the high quality patient care, but they will have easier access to this care through efficient county HHSA organizations.

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