2016 Presidential Candidates: Customer Service Checklist

2016 Presidential Candidates “Customer Service” Checklist

Presidential candidates are occupying a significant portion of media mindshare in recent weeks, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down until November 2016. Many candidates are unveiling policy plans for higher education, the economy and foreign diplomacy. And all of these things are unquestionably important to the future of our country. From where I sit in my corner of the Health and Human Services sector, I’m listening to understand the candidates’ views on public services.

Here are a few things related to Health and Human Services we think the presidential candidates should be talking about. Something we missed? Please share your thoughts on what you think the candidates should be talking about related to Health and Human Services in the comments.

  • ~Modernizing access to government services:

  • ~Will a candidate commit to prioritizing and providing funding for efficient and effective access to government services and benefits?

  • ~Will the candidate commit to work to simplify regulations and remove barriers to access benefits for safety net clients, i.e. verifications, time limits, lengthy applications?

  • ~Will the candidate commit to increase the availability of online resources, encourage mobile and telephone access, modernize the availability of information online for recipients of public services?

  • ~Promote efficiency in government services:

  • ~Will the candidate encourage the use of data by federal and state government agencies to optimize and equalize customer service operations across local, state and federal venues?

  • ~Will the candidate change the perception that “government is not efficient”?

  • ~Will the candidate recognize and respect the working poor by making it easier for them to obtain benefits?

  • ~Encourage dignified experiences for clients while accessing government services:

  • ~Will the candidate eliminate the culture of “fraud prevention” and encourage increased customer service and satisfaction in working with government and/or health and human services?

  • ~Will the candidate encourage public sector/private sector partnerships to increase efficiency that are seamless and incentive-based, and encourage organizations at the state level to do the same?

The road to the 2016 election will be a long one. But, hopefully – it will be paved with productive dialogue both among candidates and voters that leads to real, positive change. My hope is that part of that change will benefit the recipients of social services, and optimize the operations of health and human services agencies at the state and federal levels.

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