InTelegy Releases New Workload Management Tool

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InTelegy Releases New Workload Management Tool to Help Health and Human Services Agencies Do More with Less to Serve California’s Neediest Families

InTelegy Releases New Workload Management Tool to Help Health and Human Services Agencies Do More with Less to Serve California’s Neediest Families

InTelegy’s Software Enables Workers in County Agencies to Track Casework in a Single, Unified Platform

DANVILLE, Calif. – October 29, 2015 – Today, InTelegy announced availability of the Workload Management Tool (WMT), customizable software to collect, distribute, and track workloads in County Health and Human Services agencies. InTelegy is a leading consulting organization working to streamline the service delivery of public benefits and improve the dignity of the client experience.

InTelegy has drawn upon nearly a decade of expertise in working with county health and human service agencies to improve their client access, increase staff efficiency and modernize their service delivery. Until WMT, internal tools to assist the workforce with managing the increased workload and complexity have lagged behind. WMT is a workload management tool that will benefit agency workers and their clients.

The need for benefits is greater than ever. Caseloads have increased between 30 to 80 percent, and the resulting pressure on the county agencies is crushing. With WMT software, InTelegy is forging a new path with technology in health and human services to help serve California families. This new software empowers the eligibility worker to see and manage his or her work more effectively to meet processing timelines. Most current systems only look at data in arrears on a quarterly basis. WMT provides real time access to data and status of work to facilitate course correction before deadlines.

“We were inspired to create this tool by observing the operations of private sector customer service and project management teams,” said Vail Dutto, Founder and CEO of InTelegy. “There is no reason why government cannot operate with the same or better efficiency than private sector businesses – some county agencies already are. We are excited to offer WMT to our county partners to optimize their efficiency and improve the client experience.”

Today, many agency teams track work through offline spreadsheets, Outlook alerts and even post-its. The system provides a single source for workload distribution and management, while reducing key strokes and unlocking unprecedented efficiency.

“WMT provides visibility to client requests to ultimately decrease call times and wait times for clients because workers can more easily and more quickly access and disseminate information,” continued Dutto. “This high-quality experience is paramount to maintaining the dignity of the client experience, which is core to the mission of InTelegy.”

About InTelegy

InTelegy collaborates with Health and Human Services Agencies to modernize and streamline their client service delivery models. We help our County partners improve client experiences and increase staff efficiencies. Founded in 1996, InTelegy Corporation is a consulting organization with specific expertise in Business Process Redesign, Call Center Operations and Technology in customer service center systems. InTelegy is dedicated to improving the dignity of the Health and Human Services client experience, and through our partnerships with Health and Human Services Agencies, we are helping to change the culture of service for the people of California. We believe that improved and modernized service delivery systems help Health and Human Services Departments better fulfill their missions to serve their clients and communities.

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