Reflections on CWDA

Earlier this month, we once again attended the annual conference of the County Welfare Directors Association of California. We always enjoy the experience of collaborating and exchanging ideas with old and new colleagues. I’ve had a chance to reflect on my experience as an attendee at the conference, and I’d like to share some of my key takeaways. If you attended CWDA, feel free to leave your observations in the comments.

Personal experience is key - During CWDA, we unveiled a new software product called the Workload Management Tool (WMT), a customizable software to collect, distribute, and track workloads in County Health and Human Services agencies. We not only received amazing feedback about the product, but we also heard lots of people describe how the tool would be useful to them based on their own experience and unique agency environment. All of these conversations made us realize that it was the collective experience of the InTelegy team and our long term county partners that contributed to the creation of WMT. Personal experience enabled us to build this new tool to better serve our clients. We also shared the results of our eight years of work with the counties. Seeing the facts and statistics on the results of the service center environment was very gratifying.

County Health and Human Services Workers are interested in tools inspired by private sector - One of the primary pieces of feedback we received about WMT is it resembles customer relationship management tools used in many private sector companies. In talking with directors who attended the conference, we realized that everyone wants their operations to be more efficient. And agency workers are hungry for systems that make it easier to do their jobs. The client experience has improved tremendously with an increase in access to the county through new and/or improved call centers, online applications and improved business processes yet Internal tools to assist the workforce with managing the increased workload and complexity have completely lagged behind. WMT is a tool to assist the workforce inspired by the private sector.

People aren’t always opposed to change - Agency workers are more overloaded with clients and casework than ever. While some may be inclined to think that agency workers don’t want new systems or processes integrated into their agencies, we found an audience that said agency workers are open to change and new processes as long as they provide additional support and make it easier to do their jobs.

Customer relationships are paramount - The last thing we learned at CWDA is that the relationships we have with our county agency partners are our top priority. We are always eager to hear feedback so that we can continue to provide stellar service.

CWDA was an opportunity for the InTelegy team to reconnect with colleagues and agency partners. We were so excited to unveil our new Workload Management Tool, and we are thrilled with all of the positive feedback. We look forward to putting everything we learned to use in the coming months. If you did not get a chance to view WMT or the service center data please feel free to contact me and I am happy to share.

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