Building Healthcare Organizations of the Future

Recently, the BUILD Health Challenge awarded 18 grants to incredibly forward-thinking organizations to help advance health in low-income areas.

This is an incredibly exciting initiative providing funds to organizations that are on the cutting edge of social services delivery. A recent article regarding the program discusses how in some communities, patients miss appointments and do not receive needed medical care due to external factors beyond their control – such as a bus that was late.

This is exactly the work InTelegy is focused on – making it easier for low-income people to receive the benefits they are now eligible for. As an example, we work with various county health and human services agencies in California. Many are upgrading technology to ensure that people don’t necessarily need an appointment to receive services.

For instance, many agencies now let you access medications or advice nurses via online or telephone appointments. This is important for clients who do not have access to reliable transportation or have jobs that do not permit them to visit agency offices during business hours. This is the direction that all social services agencies should be striving towards, and the BUILD Health Challenge is helping to bring these changes to fruition.

The initiative identified grant recipients for their “bold, upstream, integrated, local and data-driven approaches.” While all of these attributes lend themselves to a highly effective organization, I’m most interested the last piece: data-driven management. This is an integral part of running an efficient social services agency. Due to data-driven management, the culture of health and human services is shifting to deliver services to families more rapidly, efficiently and with the dignity of the client experience in mind.

I am excited to see the innovative and important changes the BUILD Health Challenge grant recipients will foster in the coming months and years. InTelegy will work in tandem with this impressive cohort of organizations.

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