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Staff Modeling Tool Details

Staff Modeling Tool (SMT) is a flexible and easy to use software tool that helps organizations answer the question "What staff do we need, doing what work, within what time-frames?" SMT allows an organization to forecast and budget for staff and plan for hiring, scheduling and training of staff needs today and in the future.


From our 13+ years of experience in Health and Human Services agencies and developing service centers that include call centers, lobby service and back office task processing, we have experienced the challenges of staff planning and work allocation firsthand. Therefore we have developed a simple to use tool that allows for the flexibility required for any form of staff planning and work allocation while being specific enough to HHS agencies to identify and calculate workload and staff requirement forecasts based on the nuances of client service in this unique environment. SMT is also designed to collaborate with InTelegy's Workload Management Tool.


Multiple spreadsheets


Manual inputs


Hours, days, weeks


Static Forecast

What does SMT do for me?

  • Predictive workload models based on case volume information and the known drivers of workload in your environment. SMT uses core information about the volume of clients you serve and the workload related to that service to help you develop workload forecasts.

  • Assumption driven modeling that allows you to identify variables in your workload including projected growth, time on task and the breakdown of different forms of service to forecast staff needs for the specific workload areas.


  • Detailed staff resource information is tracked including ramp factors, training time, over time and specific skills sets such as language and program. These factors are used in the staff modeling to prepare a forecast that is real to your current staff and to your future staff needs.


  • Multiple staff models are forecasted to specific functions and organized by location, channel or program type. Any way you need to view your workload and the staffing needs is available in SMT.


  • Forecasted to actual tracking for workloads and staffing needs. Once a forecast is made the history of the variables in that forecast are saved to be compared with actual data in the future.

Are you ready to build informed

staffing forecasts

In the past staffing plans were static and based on best estimates. Staffing for specific functions in client service and proactively planning staffing needs based on projections of growth, shifts in program requirements or the shifting needs of the client was not something that managers could do. SMT can change all of that in your organization.

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