Service Offerings | Technology

Technology is a core component of the service delivery model for Health and Human Services and plays an important role in the client experience.  Partnered with new or redesigned processes, technology provides easier service access for clients and more efficient processing for staff. New technology will provide important insights to trends, volumes and service delivery outcomes for management. InTelegy's experts can assist your organization with the following technology advancements:


The InTelegy Workload Management Tool

InTelegy offers expertise to design, develop, program and test a managed Workload Management Tool.  The workload management tool provides knowledge of the work necessary to meet your client needs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The tool captures the work related to continuing and intake cases as tasks or as individual work units, tracks the task completion rates and generates work assignments to team members based on availability, program knowledge and language capabilities. 


In addition, this tool provides management with greater visibility of staff workload so that work allocation is synchronized to support busy periods and priorities. Work functions are divided equally amongst the team, optimizing workload capacity and allowing clients to access services more quickly. Additionally, management has visibility to outcome measurements such as staff productivity and client experience so that customer service levels can be monitored and maintained.

IT Assessment

As a vital first step, InTelegy’s technology consultants will assess IT services, technology tools, and partnerships. The Service Delivery Model Technology committee will be responsible for the procurement, implementation, and customization and/or programming of any technology required. The InTelegy technology team will build a roadmap for an integrated IT strategy into the overall business strategy for improved client service.


IT Project Management

  • Business and Technical Requirements:  The InTelegy team will work with your operations team to identify the business requirements for specific technology solutions to support the client experience processes.  Working with your information technology team, these business requirements will be translated into a technical requirement document and a plan to procure or build the necessary solutions.

  • Procurement and Implementation of technology solutionsThe InTelegy team is available to support the process of implementing selected technology tools. These  services include user acceptance testing plans and facilitation, business process documentation related to technology solutions, facilitation of staff training, and post launch support.


Service Delivery Redesign Technology

The following technology solutions are critical components in every client experience redesign.  The InTelegy team is equipped with best practice information for each of these solutions and will work with your team to implement and to improve the client experience.

  • Lobby Management and Appointment Management Tool

  • Workload Management Tool

  • Automated Call Distribution

  • Quality Management for Tasks and Calls

  • Workforce scheduling and Management

  • Document Imaging

  • Electronic Signature

  • Automated Client Contact; text and phone messaging