Intelligent Customer Service Development Series

The changing culture of Government Serivce and new client expectations for modern technology, require a skilled, knowledgeable workforce.The right employee training, at the right time, yields important benefits for the employee, the service center, and the families and individuals receiving services. The InTelligent Customer Service Development series is designed to maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of all employees and every contact with clients, whether in-person, over the phone, or online. Training is offered in phases throughout the project. 


Change Management for Managers and Supervisors: the focus is to prepare supervisors for the change we are asking them to lead and collaborate in. Topics include:


  • Roles and Responsibilities with a  Leadership Focus

  • Best Practices for Leadership

  • Leading Change and Managing Transition

  • 10-step strategies for Leading change


Process Training for Supervisors, EWs and Clerical.

Topics include:


  • Introduction to the new Service Delivery Model

    • Service Center organization

    • Operations, Goals and Expectations

  • Task assignment, workflows, business process

    • Task Management Tool and Appointment management tools

    • Business Processes and Procedures

  • Customer Service skills

    • Customer Service Skills

    • Leading and Motivation for Supervisors

    • Introduction to Managing with Metrics


Metrics Management Training for Management and Supervisor.

Topics include:


  • Introduction to Data Driven Management for Executives and Managers

  • Managing with Metrics—trends, reporting, best practices

  • Managing Phone Activity

  • Quality Review and feedback

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