What are the Benefits of WMT?

  • Collaboration and standardization of work performed across all offices through a single platform for work flow across all resource types ie: clerical, workers, supervisors, managers.

  • Reduces Staff Development training time - the ability to segment all steps required to complete an intake or case management task reduces staff learning curve.

  • Accountability to both quality and quantity of work. Detailed information on case management - who touched the case and what action each took, including a date and time stamp .

  • Quality Assurance facilitation in a Service Center environment - review the case, the process or the action step.

  • Workload equalization to distribute and weigh tasks amongst workers and/or teams; visibility to equalize tasks among teams.

  • Streamline workflow for the worker. Integration with current systems such as imaging and client record employee directory allows:

    • Fewer clicks and open databases

    • Eliminates many manual operations

    • Single source for work load management: spreadsheets, post it notes, and outlook calendars are eliminated

  • Eligibility Worker is empowered to see and manage their own work, more effectively meeting their processing time lines.

  • Client Dignity - easy access to the timing and location of the client request or need. Immediate information available for the client regarding the status of their case change or application.

  • Reporting and Analysis for data driven management. WMT offers a holistic view to the work process: analyze what process steps are timely and which are taking longer than expected both individually or averaged across multiple cases or work flows.



















How does WMT work?

WMT is a fully scalable enterprise application with modules that enable easy integration with current systems supporting the eligibility process for benefits issuance. WMT is built on a Work Unit Structure which is detailed in the example above. The work unit can be broken up and assigned phases and steps separately or can remain assigned to a single worker :

  • Each Work Unit is a Customizable Process

  • Each Work Unit can have one or more "Phases"

  • Each Phase has one or more "Action Steps"

WMT Videos

Interested in learning more about how WMT works? View these short 5 minute videos:

WMT White Paper

See how WMT helps maximize staff resources through standardized workflows, prioritized and equalized work distribution, and data-driven management: The Workload Management Tool Imperative 



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WMT is software designed to effectively collect, distribute and track workload.


lnTelegy has drawn upon its 8 years of experience with task management tools in County Health and Human Services, combined with private sector best practices, to develop what we consider the best of breed tool for workload distribution.

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